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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have been using the Plazenta Rejuvin8 Facial Lotion for a week and I noticed peeling in my face. Is this normal?

Yes this is normal. Minimal shedding of dead/scaly skin will be experienced especially during the first week of use. This is the "exfoliation stage" necessary to open clogged pores and remove dead layers of skin. You may not want to see yourself in the mirror in this "ugly stage" but this will soon be over in a matter of days. People will notice visible improvement in your skin/face.

2. How long does this peeling process last?

As long as dead/scaly skin exists, there will be peeling. If peeling still persists even though you have achieved the desired results, you have to adjust the frequency of application of said Facial Lotion or stop using it for a while. However, continue the cleaning and moisturizing regimen to protect the improved skin.

3. My face turns reddish whenI use the Facial Lotion. Do I have to worry?

If your face turns red, reduce the frequency of application of the Facial Lotion but continue the cleansing and moisturizing procedure. Instead of applying twice a day, make it once a day or every other day, whichever suits your skin.

4. I have been using the Ultralift Set for more than a week now and I have yet to see the result in my face. What do I have to do?

Different people have different skin type, condition and quality and therefore the effects of using our products may vary in time. For some, it may take just a few days to see the results but for others it may take weeks or even months. The key factor in the success of our beauty regime is consistency of use and lots of patience. The skin needs to adjust to the beauty regime . No such thing as a "quick fix" if you want good results that will surely last.

5. I am a regular Forever Radiant user but I also love the beach. How do I protect my skin from the scorching sun?

When going to the beach/outdoors, it is best to moisturize your skin to protect the gains achieved through our beauty regimen. To get exposed to to the UV rays of the sun for a long time, discontinue Facial Lotion for at least 72 hours prior to the planned date. Apply sunblock sparingly and frequently for protection.

6. I would like to try your products but right now I am using other brands. Is it alright to mix-match?

No. We recommend that our customers stop using other brands while using Forever Radiant products. The items that comprise our beauty sets are complete and they complement each other to achieve desired results.

7. I would like to try your products especially the Beauty Sets. Which one should I try/buy?

We have 3 different fantastic Beauty sets, each one formulated for a specific purpose:

a. Forever Radiant Plazenta Rejuvenating Set (in starter set with 25g creams and in XL set with 60g creams). A beauty regimen recommended for those 40y/o and above. Helps in faster skin renewal, removal of dead/scaly skin and most importantly aids in reducing visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

b. Forever Radiant Ultralift Beauty Set. The beauty regimen recommended for 18y/o and above. The complete set boost the natural skin defense against stress and environmental pollutant that may cause premature ageing. Also an anti-oxidant, skin firming, moisturizing and skin lightening.

c. Forever Radiant Clarifiance Acne Set. Aids in treatment of pimples and acne faster. Promotes a smooth and trouble-free skin in just a few weeks of use. For 13y/o and above.